Stamp Duty holiday means big savings for homebuyers

13th July 2020

The Government has just announced that there will be a Stamp Duty Holiday on all homes up to the value of £500,000 until 31st March 2021, which is great news for all homebuyers thinking of buying a beautiful brand new McDermott home. Buyers could save as much as £10,000 on a £400,000 home which represents a huge saving and will apply to both first time buyers and those moving from an existing property.


House value of £400,000 – SAVING £10,000
House value of £300,000 – SAVING £5,000
House value of £200,000 – SAVING £1,500

Bev Kemp, McDermott Homes Sales Director, is delighted at the news and says ‘’We’ve been hoping for an announcement from the Government on this subject for a little while, so now that it’s official it’s brilliant news for all our customers. It will allow them to save a few thousand pounds, spend it on a few added extras or even spend it on a slightly bigger or more expensive property. The Stamp Duty Holiday is open until the end of March next year so that will give homebuyers time to select their preferred McDermott home, as well as sell any existing properties in the meantime.’’

For further information please book an appointment at your nearest development to see how these changes can benefit you.